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Luxury Kennels at the Inn



Luxury Kennels at The Inn

For that special ranch retreat, try one of our luxury suites at The Inn, located in a cozy home environment with soft lighting, Kuranda beds, TV, and music. This quiet setting offers more one-on-one interaction with staff. We ask that Luxury suite visitors are quiet, house-broken, friendly and non-chewers. And for your well socialized dog, consider adding Playcare to their stay.

Small Town
The perfect environment for smaller guests.  Dogs under 30 lbs have their own spot!  A two-room area of The Inn, with TV, comfy beds and a comfy couch to get some lap time!  For well socialized dogs, consider adding Playcare as they will get time together both inside and outside in their own play yard with other Small Town guests.  Dogs in Small Town are crated during mealtime, naps and overnight and if they prefer the quiet of their own space during the day. 

Doggie Den

Seven kennels in a cozy atmosphere. Located in the lower level of The Inn, with Kuranda beds, TV’s and climate controlled. Guests have six exercise sessions a day. For the well socialized dog, consider adding Playcare. Please note: this is not recommended for senior dogs or dogs that cannot navigate stairs.

Deluxe Kennels in The Bunk House

Our canine guests enjoy radiant floor heating, flat screen TV’s, Kuranda beds and six playtimes per day in the corral.  Our guests also have access to their own private, covered patios. Unfortunately, Playcare is not available for our Bunk House guests. 


Day Boarding

Guests enjoy the kennels located in the Bunkhouse or our outside Day Kennels (during warmer weather). Every guest is provided with six play outings a day in addition to individual attention. This is a great option for the non-socialized dog or your unspayed or unneutered dog. Our outdoor day kennels are subject to weather and availability.

Other Information

No need to bring any bedding as we have beds, blankets, quilts and raised Kuranda cots for your dog's comfort. If your dog has a favorite small blanket or one of your t-shirts, please feel free to bring it along. Toys may also be brought (please limit your toys to two. No toys with squeakies inside will be allowed as they are a choking hazard). Please know that we do reserve the right to refuse belongings if we feel they are not maintainable or safe for your pet.


We are not responsible for lost or damaged items. At management's discretion, items may be removed from the kennel suite if it causes potential risk to your dog.

We suggest you bring your own dog food. Please bring it in a container for safe keeping.

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Vaccine requirements

Small Town
Doggie Den
Deluxe Kennels in the Bunk House
Day Boarding
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